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Top 3 Piano Apps for Kids

October 11, 2023

Top 3 Piano Apps for Kids

Nowadays, kids know how to work a tablet before they can talk. There are a number of apps that can assist with learning how to play the piano, so why not use the iPad as a tool for learning? Here are our top three educational and entertaining piano apps for kids that can complement the valuable lessons they’ll receive at Fishers Music & Arts Academy.

1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano was designed for beginners to learn how to play the piano and read sheet music in an easy-to-follow, well-organized way. Users just prop up the iPad on their piano or keyboard and Simply Piano gives one new sheet reading skill at a time.

The user’s job is to correctly read and play the music in time to the corresponding melody. Simply Piano is beneficial for kids as each lesson has a video explaining the skill thoroughly before the game starts. There’s even an animated rewards system that will have your child hooked.

2. Piano Academy by Yokee Music

Unlike Simply Piano, users don’t have to own a piano or keyboard to learn how to play on Piano Academy. This app is geared towards kids and starts off with songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Piano Academy walks users through every note and offers engaging videos, quizzes, games, and playing tests.

3. Piano App by Yokee

For kids who are motivated to learn by playing games, Piano App offers an extensive songbook and interactive gameplay. Much like Guitar Hero, users slide their fingers to the notes displayed on the screen to whatever song they choose. The best part is this game can be played on the go while still holding your child’s attention.

We love the fun introduction to music that piano-playing apps can provide children, but there is no substitute to an in-depth piano lesson from an experienced teacher and musician. When you’re ready for your child to learn the fundamentals of piano, visit Eppert Piano Studio in Fishers for either private lessons or group classes.

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